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Posted on: 03/15/18

Addiction means doing a particular thing again and again and pursuing the same despite knowing their dire consequences. Addiction can be of any substance, it can be alcohol, cigarette, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. Addiction to such substances decreases the metabolism of the brain which is responsible for sending signals to the brain for usage of the drug (craving). It is also known as the brain disorder, in this, the brain has misunderstood the abusive drug as the most important signal neurotransmitter. The brain changes the function and modifies the working thatís why individual craves for the drug. Most of the youngsters get addicted to the abusive substance like alcohol, cigarette, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc at the initial stage of their adolescence.

People get addicted due to many reasons. The foremost is the complexities of a relationship or in personal life. Secondly, Problems related to corporate life that can involve pressure handling, incomplete work assignments, etc. Thirdly, peer pressure, the most common factor that creates pressure and many people canít handle. These are the few reasons why people start consuming abusive substances.

Addiction as a genetic disorder is a debatable topic as the drug abuse is increasing day by day. Some individuals believe that teens get addicted to drugs just because their parents are addicts. On the other hand, a small portion of society believes that one canít consider this factor.

Let us assume that genetic disorder is the major factor behind the addiction in some adolescents. Studies have observed that the children of addicted parents are more likely to have an addiction to some of the abusive substances. Most studies reveal that there isnít any one single cause of addiction. Cause ofa ddiction can be due to 50 percent genetic defect and 50 percent due to the pressure they face when they living in a society.

A study has been conducted to see how much genetics affects the habit of intaking drugs. Two identical and non-identical twins were observed for experimentation. One of the two identical twins was highly addicted to an abusive substance and other had the highest possibility to become an addict. In the other case, where one non-identical twin was addicted to a drug and the other doesnít have any possibility to become an addict. By observing the results, the studies revealed that genetics contribute 55-60 percent and 40-50 percent can be due to poor coping up skills; inability to face peer pressure or handle complexities of their relationships.

More experiments took place which showed that addiction can be due to a genetic disorder and the individuals are more firmly or have more chances of being an addict. People who have grown up in the addictive environment and have managed to come out from their family history and are living a healthy life. Sometimes it depends on you, which way you choose to live a life. Foremost, an individual has a right to know about the addiction history of their family. But some families donít talk about an addiction and left the questions unanswered.

Do you think that addiction is a disease? Everyone has a different answer to this question. Some say addiction to Alcohol, smoking a cigarette, smoking weed, injecting various perilous drugs, etc have very dangerous effects on the health whereas some people have a positive outlook related to these drugs.

Addiction to anything is bad because directly or indirectly it affects our health. There are several devastating side effects of the drug abuse. Heart diseases are the major cause of death in the developing countries which is widely attributed to various addictions. This also happens partially due to genes or partially due to poor lifestyle i.e. lack of important nutrients in the diet, lack of exercise and excessive smoking. Many deadly diseases like cancer arise due to the mixture of poor lifestyle and genetics.

You can get addicted to any of the drugs if you have any family history, so we can say that yes somewhere or the other genetics play an important role.


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