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Posted on: 02/15/18

Addiction to any type of drug, alcohol, and smoking is also known as substance abuse. The excess use of any kind of substance is harmful to health. Over usage may results in various health-related diseases and also affect the bond between the addict and the other people in the family. Moreover, in the beginning, they can’t differentiate between the addition and the habit.

The choice we make related to anything is a habit. A habit is when we do a certain thing again and again frequently and brain become used to it and it performs the action automatically.

Addiction is when something controls the person. There is a slight difference between habit and addiction when the line is crossed it will be unnoticeable.

There are various problems that occur due to addiction whether it is related to a medical problem or any social problem. Several medical problems are related to the overuse of alcohol and drugs and some problems are described:-

1)    High Blood Pressure: – The excess use of alcohol and drugs can lead to the rise in blood pressure and this effect can become chronic. High Blood Pressure can lead many other health-related problems including Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, etc.

2)    Infectious Disease: – Some infectious disease like tuberculosis can also occur when a people indulge in the heavy smoking of a cigarette, marijuana, etc. Tuberculosis can be a deadly disease and in many cases, it leads to death.

3)    Cancer: – Cancer is the most dangerous disease that if a person is fighting with this disease it is very difficult for the person to come out of it. Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Mouth Cancer, etc risk rises when a person is involved in drinking and smoking.

4)    Cardiovascular Disease: – Many people suffer from diseases related to heart who intake alcohol and drugs as the usage led to blockage of the blood veins that causes a clot which can lead to heart attack or heart stroke.

5)     Nerve Damage: – Drugs and alcohol affect the nervous system and this affect the functioning of the brain as this abusive substance act in the brain and produce a europhic effect. Due to this a person loses the ability to make decisions, start forgetting things and also feel stress due to these effects.

Since alcohol and drugs produce many deadly problems and almost everybody is aware of the dire consequences of the drug abuse. But due to some reasons, they can’t get rid of this serious problem i.e. Addiction.


We have discovered an Ayurvedic formulated solution for the deadly addiction which is Addiction Killer. It is made up of precious herbs that help a person to cure his/her addiction naturally. As this product is made by using the ancient Ayurvedic formula that’s why it is 100% safe and doesn’t have any side effects. Addiction Killer has already put a smile on 2 million faces and people have reviewed it as the only hope to leave addiction of any kind.


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