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Posted on: 02/22/18

Marijuana is the most commonly utilized illicit drug on this planet with an expected 136 million individuals using it consistently other than tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, etc every year. Marijuana is being used in India from past thousands of years and has bound faith and confidence among people. It is usually said to be a medication that enables the user to achieve a joyful feeling when they consume it and it provides a different feeling that canít get by any other thing in the world. Charas (hash), bhang and weed have been consumed by the Indian for centuries. There are several reasons that why it should be legalized in India.

1). It will decrease illegal trade and crimes associated with it Weed authorization will be a substitute to diminish the black market trade and retailing of it.There will be standards and controls yet the exchange will be controlled by the administration, farmers, retailer, drug peddlers or by criminals.

2). Addiction to Marijuana is rare

The study shows that there are a number of people who are desperately addicted to Marijuana than people who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, etc. The percentage of Marijuana addicts is 15% less than those who are addicted to another type of drugs. Only 9% of the total people who use Marijuana are clinically dependent on the drug. Compared to tobacco, alcohol, cocaine the ratio is low.

3). Increase in Governmentís Revenue by Taxing Marijuana

The government will earn huge amounts of revenue if marijuana is legalized and tax is applied on it otherwise all the money is being earned by the Italian and Israeli drug dealers. To increase the revenue the government has to legalize the trade of marijuana in India so that this money can be used in the development of the country.

4). Create Employment opportunities

Legalization of marijuana in the field of medical purposes will help to create new job opportunities in the sector of medical science. There will be a plethora of job opportunities that will be created with the help of marijuana industry to reduce the unemployment rate in India.

5). It has several medical benefits

Marijuana can be used in the field of medical science to provide various solutions to some deadly diseases. It can be used to prevent cancer and reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, reduces anxiety, and improves the metabolism of the body.

6). It will help local people

In states like Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, marijuana is grown in bulk as it is the only pay source for some local people. Being a prohibited substance, the farmers are compelled to sell it at an exceptionally low cost to the peddlers and they also have to pay to the local police officers that allow them to sell this banned substance. To stop the war on drugs, marijuana should be legalized.

7). Legalization will guarantee that great quality weed is sold to the customers

The dealers in India often mix weed and marijuana with chemicals or other drugs like afeem to improve the taste, quality, colour, or texture of the stuff. Legalization will enhance the nature of weed sold to the consumers since the government will direct the production and the trade.

8). It has fewer withdrawal symptoms and its use canít be ignored

It has been seen that the people who consume marijuana have fewer withdrawal symptoms that the people who have to leave alcohol or any other drug. It is more difficult to drop the consumption of alcohol than to stop smoking Marijuana.

9). Prohibition has neglected to control the utilization and domestic production of cannabis

It has been observed that about 60,000 kgs of hash and 40,000 kgs of opium are being produced in Himachal Pradesh. Out of that, only 500 kgs of hash is seized every year.

According to reports, more than 1,600 hectares of farmland is harvested and an extra 500 hectares of illegally felled forests are presently under cannabis development, the rate is expanding rapidly. Beside this, it is really simple to purchase weed in India and its utilization is far-reaching among the young ones. So everybody will agree that the ban has been neglected.

10). Marijuana is less destructive than liquor

Studies have proven that Marijuana is less risky than the consumption of alcohol. It is currently demonstrated that weed is less harmful than liquor. Not like heavy drinkers, stoners donít enjoy rash driving or vicious battles rather they like the calm environment and slow driving. They have a tendency to be quiet and be charming after the consumption of Marijuana.


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