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Posted on: 02/23/18

Addiction is when a person starts following a habit again and again and their brains functionality works according to it without making them realize that they had to stop this habit. There is a slight difference between a habit and an addiction. Sometimes people get confused between habit and addiction. They wonít able to judge whether they are addicts or have a habit of doing something.

A person indulges in intake of abusive substances like alcohol, smoking, tobacco, cocaine, etc or engages in an activity they think that provide them relief from stress is known as addiction. Usage of which become compulsory and affect other responsibilities and concerns of the individual that may create certain sort of imbalance in life. Addiction is built steadily and when people realize that they are getting addicted to an abusive substance, itís too late for them.

There are some unpredictable short-term and some long-term effects. These effects depend on what type of drug people use it can be alcohol, smoking cigarettes, marijuana, and consumption of other illegal drugs. Loss of blood cells, slurred speech, headache, blackouts is the short-term adverse effects of alcohol. Long-term effects of being addicts are they damage kidneys, lungs, etc and also increase the tendency of heart failure.

Drug addiction and mental illness go hand in hand and people face various difficulties in their life. They directly affect the person who consumes drugs and also indirectly affects the people around them. Addicts generally face trust issues, keep secrecy, an increase in the level of anger that sometimes these things lead to the destruction of the relationship. It becomes very difficult for the addict to get rid of their addiction and the people around them also wanted to help them. Rehabilitation centres and different types of pills are available in the market are the only hope left for the addicts.

Sometimes teenagers get addicted to one or the more the substance whether their parents like it or not. As we live in a society that encourages the use of chemical substances for sickness and for health, for pleasure and for performance, for relief and for escape. In addition to these three- alcohol, cigarette, tobacco there are more varieties of drugs that teenagers consume are illegal. Encouragement to legal and illegal drugs results in huge demand for drugs leads to large supply and more profit that means the mass availability of these drugs will not go away.

In the adolescence, children like to experiment different types of things. They try to separate themselves from all the other family members due to which most students experiment with rolling cigarette with marijuana or drinking alcohol, etc. At the age of 18-23, some youngster gets addict to the abusive substance just because of the company and many fall prey to the curiosity to use the substance. In this period most of the children get addicted to one of all drugs available in the market.

When parents caught their children, then they make excuses by saying that ďThis is the first time they are trying this kind of stuff and I will never do this thing againĒ. Parents trust their children but in return, they slowly and gradually start involving themselves substance abuse by betraying their parents.

People can become an addict at any age whether at a young age or at old age, that can be due to peer pressure, company sake, or for show off. Symptoms of addiction can be seen in people who canít limit the use of that particular substance. Firstly, they canít control the craving for the substance use. Secondly, the reuse of the same substance creates a dependency on that particular substance. Thirdly, the dependency can be seen in their reactions when they are not allowed to use the substance. However, if they try to stop themselves, several withdrawal symptoms can be seen- anger, irritability, nausea, etc.


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