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Posted on: 02/21/18

Addiction is when the urge to take drugs is more important than then the need to eat or sleep. Addiction replaces every important thing in life that makes a person happy. It can be a lifelong brain disorder that can change the way that how brain functions. Basically, the personís life is on the path of destruction from where the recovery is difficult.

It is generally said that ďAddiction is a family diseaseĒ. May be used by only one member of the family but is suffered by everyone.

Recovery is a process to fight with you to save yourself or to stop the use of alcohol or drugs that they use to take. Recovery is not at all easy, it is really difficult for the person to overcome the addiction/stop themselves to consume the abusive substance Thinking of getting rid of the addiction is the first step towards the recovery which gives strength to the person.

The major point of recovery is that a person starts giving importance to other things than drugs as they develop self-confidence and the think that they are capable to leave the addiction. It takes time for the person to recover as in this the person will not only leave addiction but also grow mentally and emotionally.

Difference between Addiction and Recovery

1). Addiction is when a person thinks about themselves rather than others an in recovery a person starts caring and helping others.

2). In addition, a person will do anything to get the abusive substance either by stealing or by cheating whereas a person becomes honest, open-minded when they start the recovery process.

3). When a person is addicted to alcohol or any kind of drug they donít accept their mistakes, they try to rationalize, justify and minimize their part whereas opposite happens in recovery as they start admitting their mistakes and try to grow from them.

4). An addictive person makes a false image of themselves as they donít want to involve in social gatherings, on the other hand, a person who is walking on the path of recovery think that they are not less than anyone.

5). A person who is dependent on any kind of drug hides their feeling because they donít want anyone to know that they are weak and in recovery, they build the ability to seek help.


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