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Posted on: 04/10/18

Addiction Killer is an Ayurvedic formula that is made up of ancient ayurvedic secrets that contain natural herbs and vitamins which help the addict to quit their alcohol/smoking addiction in just 30 days. This natural ayurvedic product contains 100% herbal ingredients which assure no side-effects.

Our product, Addiction Killer guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and it is clinically proven by various specialists from all around the world. A regular dose of Addiction Killer will help the addict’s body to remove all the toxic substances naturally. Addiction Killer is cost-effective compared to other products available in the market and is also way less expensive than rehabilitation centers.


Ingredients that make Addiction Killer best in class


  1. Ashwagandha:- Ashwagandha helps to reduce the alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms by lowering cortisol levels. Components of ashwagandha cross the barrier of the brain and also improve the functioning of nerves.


  1. Tulsi:- Tulsi helps to maintain balance hormones level in the body and removes all the toxins present in the blood due to substance use. This guarantees a stable level of purification.


  1. Tejpatta:- Bay leaves are commonly known as tejpatta. It is usually used in various homemade products. The oil extracted from tejpatta has immense medicinal benefits. It treats addiction and reverses the alcohol/nicotine abuse.


  1. Amla:- Amla helps in reducing blood sugar, boosting up immunity & purification of blood. It also reduces the tendency of consuming alcohol/drugs.


Addiction Killer Provides You Several Benefits That Includes


  • Customer friendly delivery: Addiction Killer provides you with a secret delivery option. Some individual order our product for their spouse or their young children and give them secretly by adding the powder in their food.


  • Easy to use: Addiction Killer comes in a powdered form that can be easily taken by mixing in food or consuming a spoon of addiction killer in warm water/milk.


  • Safe to use: As Addiction Killer is made up of herbal ingredients, it is safe to use and this product doesn’t have any side effects and is used to remove toxins naturally.


  • Effective to Cure Dependence: Addiction Killer contains ancient Ayurvedic formulated herbs that help the body to reduce the craving caused by the substance use. It slowly and steadily removes the toxins that cause dependence of the particular drug.


  • Repair Damage caused by substance use: Ingredients used in this ayurvedic powder not only remove all the toxins but also repair the damage caused by the substance used by any individual. The use of an abusive substance harms the body in many ways and various organ too. So, Addiction Killer powder repairs all the damage done to the body of an addict. Addiction Killer powder also eliminates any possibility of the relapse phase.


How does Addiction Killer work?

Addiction Killer revitalizes the following organs of the body and helps to quit the dependence of the addiction.


  • BRAIN: Addiction Killer uses the characteristics of natural Ayurvedic ingredients that assist the brain to increase the mental strength of the addict with the goal that the addict may feel minimum to zero craving for addiction.


  • IMMUNITY: Addiction brings down the immunity power of the body that welcomes various other diseases or infections. Addiction Killer is comprised of several herbs that strengthen the immune system of the body and enhances the overall health of the individual.


  • LIVER: Addiction Killer helps to evacuate any signs of alcohol intake and cleanse all the traces of alcohol. This process is known as detox and it usually takes seven to 10 days. This will purify individual’s blood by revitalizing the kidney’s ability to wash out harmful toxins.


  • BLOOD: It will eliminate all the traces of addiction from the blood that causes the craving. It is verified by several specialists that have noticed the changes in the body of an addict and help them to quit the addiction.


Addiction Killer is recommended by doctors and specialists. There are 92% people who have noticed a swift improvement in quitting alcohol, tobacco, smoking and other various toxic products. Addiction Killer is trusted by 2,00,000 people all over India.


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