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Posted on: 04/13/18

Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking affect your pregnancy. There can be certain complication that may occur during your pregnancy. Let us discuss various problems that you may face due to smoking/drinking when you are pregnant. A glass of wine or a puff on a cigarette is a part of social lives. And to be a part of this social life women usually have a habit of getting drunk and involved in smoking. But when you are pregnant, these habits create difficulty in your pregnancy. You have to stop these habits because whatever substance you consume, it will also affect your baby. Change in this habit is important because this will hurt your baby.
The best way to prevent any such complications would be if you plan your pregnancy and try yourself to stop the craving for smoking/drinking. A babyís brain and some organs start to develop before you realize that youíre pregnant. By dropping these habits you can reduce the risk to your child. If you are trying to conceive, excess drinking can reduce your fertility and the ability to conceive. Excessive drinking during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy.

How smoking/drinking affects your baby?

Weight and size
Drinking alcohol or cigarette smoking on a regular basis will have a negative impact on weight and size of your baby. It reduces the weight of the baby in the womb, 1-2 kg of weight may shed and it also affects the size of the baby. Some women welcome the prospect of delivering a small baby but further in future the growth of the baby is not normal. These consequences will last a lifetime.

Body and Lungs
Babies born from a parent that uses an excess of abusive substance tends to be underweight and this leads to underdeveloped body parts. Their lungs are weak, they cannot breathe on their own and are kept in the incubators for first days or few weeks. Even when these babies begin to breathe on their own, they continue to have breathing problems throughout their life. This is because of the adverse effects of alcohol and nicotine which lead to delay in lung development. Mothers who smoke during their pregnancy can make their children vulnerable to asthma.

Children whose mother smoked or consumed alcohol during the first trimester of pregnancy may also have a heart-related disease or heart defect at birth. There are certain types of congenital heart defects and the babies who are born from a mother who smokes have 20 to 70 percent higher chances of having a heart defect than other babies whose mothers donít smoke. There are defects that include: right ventricular outflow tract obstructions- which means that the defect obstructs the flow of blood from the right side of the heart into the lungs and openings between the upper chambers of the heart that is atrial septal defects.

Brain function
These abusive substances have an adverse effect on the functionality of the brain. Smoking/ Drinking during pregnancy may have lifelong effects on your babyís brain. Learning disorders, behavioral problems, and relatively low IQs.

Specialists suggest that the women should quit their drinking and smoking habits in the first three months of pregnancy as it is particularly dangerous. The first three months are more crucial to the growth of the main organs (including heart, brain, lungs) of the baby. Because of this, you should quit your habit of smoking/drinking if you are planning for a baby. Generally, several weeks pass before you get to know that you are pregnant. So, donít take the risk of drinking/smoking in this crucial phase as it is the development phase of the babyís organs.


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