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Posted on: 04/07/18

Alcohol Addiction is also known as alcoholism which is spreading like a dangerous disease in every nook and corner of the world. Excess intake of alcohol slows down the metabolism of the brain and also acts as a depressant drug. It does not help a person to get relieved from stress, does not induce sleep or solve issues in real life.

Only 10% Ė 15% people who consume alcohol become an addict or develop alcohol dependence they are also known as alcoholics. People of any age can become an addict Ė education, age, social or economic status have nothing to do with addiction/dependence on alcohol.


Certain facts on Alcohol Consumption in India

There are more than 5 million alcohol users estimated in India. The Per capita consumption of alcohol has increased by 106.7% over the course of 15 years. Due to our large, expanding population, India has been identified as the third largest potential market for alcoholic beverages in the world.


There are various myths attached to alcohol addiction and some are stated below:


1) Nobody has any right to give a lecture: My Life, My Choice:

If people think that their habit of drinking is only affecting their body, itís not true. It does affect the people they are surrounded by. Generally, people who are dependent on any substance donít like to hear any lecture related to the substance they consume. The people who are close to the addicts get affected easily because when they see you in a problem, they also feel that they are in problem. Simply put, your problem is their problem.


2) The people who drink beer are not alcoholics:

There are many people who drink beer and consider themselves as non-alcoholics. ďI donít drink a hard drink, I just have a beerĒ. Itís the most common statement used by young ones. But beer also contains alcohol content which is almost similar to a shot of alcohol or wine. Beer affects the body in a similar way that alcohol does, it is harmful to the various organs of the body.


3) I donít drink regularly, I am not an alcoholic:

One canít define the addiction by how much drink they take or when they drink. Itís when the body starts showing the ill effects that are a consequence of over-consumption of alcohol.


4) Drinking is different from drug abuse:

Alcohol addiction is similar to drug dependence because alcohol addiction also changes the functioning of the brain or slows down the process of metabolism of the brain. And sometimes, it also uncovers the devastating effects on your life.


5) You are boring if you donít drink:

Itís a myth that if you donít drink then you have a boring life. Being social doesnít mean that you have to drink or being an alcoholic or drug abuser does not mean that you are not boring. It depends on your attitude and also the way you think about life.


6) If you seek help to quit your addiction, you are weak:

Addiction causes psychological as well as physical changes in the body that affect various organs of the body. Addiction is sometimes considered as a disease because the substance controls the body.  Accepting the fact that you are an addict and seek help for the same is not weakness, it shows that how courageous you are.


7)  I will drink and still be in control

Most of the young ones and adults feel that theyíll be in control if they drink few drinks of alcohol. After some drinks, a person canít be sober and he/she donít have full control over themselves. They usually get involved in certain activities like damaging property, being victimized by others, etc. Some dangerous steps are taken by the individuals when they are not sober and regret it afterward


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