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Posted on: 03/20/18

Cigarette smoking, when done in secret, may create a feeling of guilt, loneliness, pain, weak or stuck somewhere. Public smoking is ban in some countries but in many countries, a smoker is allowed to smoke freely. A cigarette smoker doesnít realize that who it looks like for a non-smoker person.


I started smoking when I was in high school, it was due to peer pressure or just want to look cool or to stand in the crowd. I was attending a party at a friendís place, it was a farewell party.  Drinks, music, food everything was at its best, everyone was enjoying the on the beats than suddenly my friend offered me a cigarette. At that point of time, I had got 2 options, either look cool like them or just walk away and I choose to be cool. I had my first puff and it was really bad, I coughed a lot and it was a really bad experience but somehow I started smoking. Soon I become an addict, I was addicted to the cigarette.


I was in a relationship that everyone dreamt off, my boyfriend started noticing that each day number of cigarettes are increasing. He tried to convince me to quit my addiction by narrating the cons of smoking and I kept on ignoring. He talked to me in a healthy manner, I tried to quit but couldnít. You know you come to a level from where you couldnít leave smoking for anyone. Even my family also told me to quit this habit as it was not easy for them to tolerate a smoker being a non-smoker.


When the number of cigarettes I smoke kept on increasing, my boyfriend finally broke up, I lost my relationship because I was addicted. My addiction was unstoppable for another few years, after that, I realized that I have started looking uglier.

In addition to that, I started feeling sick, I had sore throat cough a lot, and I was realizing that my body was giving up.


After that, I started a research that how can I quit this habit of smoking, starting finding the most effective way to quit my addiction. I spoke to my friends that were trying to quit their addiction and then I found Addiction Killer and that was a life-changing moment. I discovered that this product is natural and is made up of herbal ingredients and it had helped people to quit their addiction. Within few days of using Addiction Killer, my smoking went down drastically, I was giving up my addiction faster than ever.  I quit smoking within few weeks, Addiction Killer really works. I will suggest you try Addiction Killer for yourself or someone you know is struggling with cigarette addiction.


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