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Posted on: 03/13/18

Once someone very wise of a person said that “excess of anything is bad”. In case of alcohol consumers, the excess of alcohol cannot be just bad it can be worse. Overall these years there have been so many speculations that are made on the fact how alcohol has been destroying us, how it has been taking us straight to a bedridden life and what are the adverse effects. But still, we do not have any idea how much we are being affected by alcohol consumption. We have heard a few doctors and physicians say that 1 or 2 shots or peg can be okay for a normal healthy person in 3 to 4 days gap while the others oppose this statement. So you might be thinking about how we can find an apt answer. So let us just begin with finding out about what is that apt amount of alcohol that can make you diseased or can worsen the condition of your liver.

So if we talk about heavy drinking we must know the exact amount after which you can consider yourself at risk. For men, it is believed to be more than 4 drinks in a day or more than 14 drinks per week and for women, the scenario of drink risk is more than 3 drinks in a day or more than 7 in a week. So all you heavy drinkersmust make sure that you do not exceed this boundary or otherwise you will have to bear the consequences.

Some Major Side Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption:

  1.    In the worst of worst’s cases, the death of the brain cells is the most commonly found long-term side effect of alcohol abuse. This will automatically lead to brain sickness causing many brain disorders.
  2.    The most commonly found problem because of alcohol abuse is cirrhosis which is the damage to the liver and today a major part of our world is suffering from this chronic disorder. It is one of the most dangerous diseases which is futile and will ultimately lead to your death.
  3.    Pancreatitis, you might have heard about this one before but what you may not know is that its major cause is alcohol abuse. It is inflammatory diseases of the pancreas which can make it burst out and lead to many fatal problems in your future that will create unavoidable circumstances for you.
  4.   Dependence, It varies from person to person, so it very difficult to judge or define. You are called a physically depended person when you continuously take excessive of alcohol content. The ability to perform decline and moreover it affects your relationships.

Some Minor Side Effects:

Initially, Alcohol dependent cause problems that common and can happen to a person that doesn’t consume alcohol. It is not that the moment you start drinking you will get this above-mentioned disease but things will start with some minor effects like Slurred speech, Drowsiness, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Upset stomach, Headaches, Breathing difficulties, Blackouts(memory loss, where the drinker don’t remember the event that occurred), Distorted vision and hearing, Impaired judgment, Decreased perception and coordination, Unconsciousness and Anemia. These will be the warning signs telling you that you have had enough and you should just stop. Moreover, alcohol dependence can create problems for a woman who is pregnant because the excess of alcohol consumption can damage the fetus at any stage of pregnancy. It creates more problems when a woman is in the initial stage of pregnancy. Growth deficiencies, facial abnormalities, and damage to the brain and nervous system cause minor effects and can have long-term problems. These minor problems lead to the major problems that are dangerous for the health.

Now it is entirely on you if you want to enjoy your life by being in the best of your health or you just want to give up yourself to some disease just because of having too much alcohol in your system.


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