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Posted on: 04/04/18

I’m a 37 years old, average looking and out of shape man, I look old and unhealthy, always upset and antisocial. Anyone could suspect that I was addicted to alcohol.

I started drinking at the legal age of 21 and I don’t remember ‘Not Drinking’ alcohol on ANY GIVEN DAY since then. Started off with beers, moved on to whiskey and occasionally bourbon.

Now, in the initial years or as I like to call it the ‘beer years’ I did it for the sake of enjoyment and because it gave me a buzz. I started to grow resistant to the effects of the volume that I consumed earlier for a satisfactory buzz. It just kept on growing, the relationship between how much I had to drink to get high was inversely related and constantly increasing. The more the days passed, the less I felt the ‘happy buzz’ that I used to earlier.



For example, if I had one pint of beer in the first couple months, that same one pint didn’t do anything for me, in say, the following month. So, obviously, I moved on to 2 pints, then one full bottle, then 2 bottles and the same thing happened when I moved up (or down?) to whiskey. Started with just one peg .. and you know it went down.

So now you know the kind of alcohol lover (addict? No, not yet) I was. Because of my compulsion for alcohol, my brain had created a sort of an instruction for my body that whenever I felt sad, faced any sort of difficulty or was in any sort of negative situation, I just had to grab a drink. This was because alcohol was the only cope-up mechanism my brain had seen. Even though I was never a sorrow drinker, my brain, because of my habit of drinking had made me one. 
The biggest problem, however, wasn’t this either. The biggest problem I had was happiness. Yes, I had forgotten how to be happy. Completely. Even the alcohol wouldn’t help anymore. My liking for alcohol that turned into a habit had taken its final form, ADDICTION.

I was caught in the constant cycle of hating myself for the consequences that were presented due to alcohol consumption, consumption of alcohol when I hated myself and the next day, the same thing followed. I started looking bad as days passed, I was keeping unhealthy and was sad, all the time.

BUT, all this changed. Read my next blog for HOW IT ALL CHANGED FOR THE BETTER.


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