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Posted on: 03/06/18

There is a question, what comes first Alcoholism or depression? Is there any connection between depression and alcoholism? There are many questions that come up and remain answerless.

There is an undeniable connection between alcohol and depression. As the consumption of alcohol is very common these days, be it on weddings, be it on informal parties, be it in clubs. While a large portion of the population consumes alcohol without issue and other develop very serious problems related to alcohol. Most of the people who intake alcohol thinks that alcohol will help an individual to cure their depression and thatís why they become dependent on this abusive substance.

What is depression?

Depression is a serious mental illness that causes the brain to over think that generally leads to mood swings, how you feel, how you act or how you think. Depression generally changes personís mood, change in appetite, have sad mood and loss of interest in the activities that once you enjoyed a lot. It also leads to some emotional and physical problem which can decrease the ability to function.

People who are in depression think the things listed below:-

  •    Feel guilty or worthless
  •    Feels sad or have a depressed mood
  •    Difficulty in thinking and lack of concentration
  •    Feels restless or sleep more
  •    Change in appetite
  •    Thoughts related to suicide comes to mind

What is alcohol dependence?

Similarly, as with clinical depression, there are numerous symptoms or practices that must be believed to decide your relationship to alcohol. On the off chance that if you have healthy drinking habits, you should encounter none of these side effects, or possibly maybe a couple of them just once in a while.

  • Consuming alcohol even when itís not healthy
  • Becoming dependent on alcohol, need more to consume
  • Have withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit
  • Face difficulty in functioning at work


What is the link between Alcohol and Depression?

While looking at the side effects of depression and substance abuse, the connection isnít instantly clear. They absolutely appear like two changed conditions, and they are. In any case, you can envision that one may prompt the other. Somebody who is discouraged may swing to liquor to rest easy. Whatís more, somebody battling with a reliance on liquor could plainly wind up discouraged accordingly. Researchdirected as of late has affirmed that the two diseases are for sure related.

Both things go hand in hand. Depression leads to alcoholism and alcoholism leads to depression, most of the women have more risk than men. Various studies have shown that women have a greater risk than men. They also show the excess drinking is especially a starting sign of depression. That is if someone is drinking more at once they notice initial signs of depression than the person who consumes a limited quantity of alcohol. Other researchers have shown that at an early age children start consuming alcohol when they feel depressed.

The research shows the link between alcoholism and depression is important because it can inform treatment for both conditions. When being treated for depression, a patient may be warned about the risks of substance abuse. And recovery counselors can help addicts fight depression along with their dependence.

So, alcoholism and depression have a strong link between both. Many studies are taking place to research in depth to find a connection between depression and alcoholism.  As alcohol is easily available and socially acceptable, our society believes that a person consumes alcohol only if he/she is depressed. They believe that alcohol will solve all the difficulties of life and they will wake up with no stress. But the statement is wrong, it has only a short-term effect that it will remove all the pain.

In the end, itís not important what comes first Ė the alcoholism or the depression. The important thing is you have either or both problems, you should reach out for help from your doctor or a trusted friend or counselor. Both the problems can be deadly and neither will go away without help.


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