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Posted on: 02/07/18

It was Sunday noon; I was watching TV and enjoying the movie. After watching the blockbuster movie-aashiqui2, I realized that how the reel love story is correlated the real world in which we live. All of sudden, my door bell rings and She was my friend Kritika, looking very disturbed. I asked, Is everything ok? She said “yeh sharab (alcohol) to hamare liye shraap (curse) jaisi ho gyi hai, Aur aaj to had he ho gyi, when he said I can leave you but can’t quit alcohol.

Cheers! To those folks, who have not experience this horrible experience of losing their loved ones like this way? On the other side, watching your husband, family member, friend, or colleague suffered with an alcohol disorder can’t ignore. You might disturb what you can do to help the victim, whether the person even wants your help or not.

Let’s discuss some important tips that will be prove useful for your spouse to get rid of alcohol addiction:

1. First of all, you must help yourself! : Yes, you are read it right. Who knows better than you that you are equally suffering in this situation. It is obvious that if you have been living with an alcohol addicted partner. Then, there will be higher possibilities to get insulted, chaos, abuses etc when the person has drunk. Therefore, you should be strong enough to avoid mental illness. After helping yourself, you can patiently help your dear one.

2. Say “No” to judgmental behavior towards your partner: There are many reasons behind alcohol addiction. May be you don’t know the exact reason, why your spouse going through this situation. In this case, find out the actual reason through soft communication. Instead of becoming rude by taunting him or giving weird labels, you need to understand that alcohol addiction is also the disease just like other diseases. Gradually, it will help you to get right reason behind addiction. And, through affectionate conversation you will indirectly motivate him to discuss their pain and burdens.

3.  Offer him good tasty food with non- alcoholic drinks: As someone rightly said that, “A way to man's heart is through his stomach”. Encourage him to eat his favorite homemade food. And, tell that you cooked his favorite dish only for him. When your spouse asks alcohol, deflect him towards other things.


4. Don’t expect that you can change your husband overnight: It won’t be possible to see improvements quickly. Neither the habit of addiction or nor the recovery is possible in just 1-2 days. For that, you should keep patience and as the day passes you will surely see the changes in him.

5. Don’t give up just because he denied to accepting: As discussed above if you really help your partner to get rid of an addiction. Then this will surely happen that you will face many excuses. It is very common to hear an old story from the alcoholic person that “there are no any problems with alcohol”. But you can gently tell him how much disturbing this habit for kids and their offspring.

Conclusion: There is no any hard and fast rule to reduce the dependence on alcohol, only you need to maintain positivity and patience between relationships when the other person is in grip of addiction. And, there are reputed sources like consultant, counselor and rehab centers from where you can take help. If you wish to opt ayurvedic remedies, Addiction killer is also on the top list to get deliverance from any kind of addiction,

Summary:  These above tips are shared to provide assistance and to safe relationships which are tearing apart. However, it is also beneficial when you are trying to help your co-worker, child or family members.

Author Bio: Bio: Author Amrit of this article is working with an NGO. She writes to aware the people about the social evils of modernization economy by her writing-ups.


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