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Addiction is a state when a person is used to something and canít imagine their life without, they become dependent. Their Addiction becomes the major focus in their lives. Addiction can be of alcohol intake, smoking, injecting any kind of drug, etc.or involving in any activity that is difficult to leave like gambling, eating disorders, shopping, etc. Generally, people involve themselves in such an activity, from which only a few have returned the right path.

Many school and college going students get addicted to one of the addictive substance that includes smoking cigarette, marijuana, consuming alcohol, and many more chemicals that make oneís mind, its slave. Most people try to leave their addiction but they find it difficult to quit because the chemical produced by these drugs in the brain doesnít allow the brain to work in a right manner.

They know that consumption of drugs is harmful to them and their loved ones but they are still continuing their bad habits. People who are addicted generally behave differently.

Prolonged drug abuse can change the functioning of the brain. However, to lead a long carefree life, Satkartar Group had launched a product which is very much effective in curing a personís addiction and helps you to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Addiction Killer:

An Ayurvedic formula, which is made up of several precious herbs like Ashwagandha, Tejpatta, Tulsi, Amla, etc they are ground together to form a powder and the powder is named as Addiction Killer.  Addiction Killer is beneficial in quitting the habit of doing drugs like alcohol intake, smoking, or injecting any kind of drug. The solution helps the people to quit the addiction is verified by various doctors from the world and is clinically tested in the laboratories.

However, this gives us surety that our product is 100% safe and doesnít have any side effects. Addiction Killer is a herbal formula that is used to treat the addiction naturally. It is clinically proven that the powder will abolish the dependency of the addiction.

There are people who had quit their addiction and it is statistically proven that more than 2 lakh people have taken advantage of this Ayurvedic formula.

How Addiction Killer works?

There are various Ayurvedic products available in the market which helps people to quit their addictions. But Addiction Killer has shown us mind blowing results. Addiction Killer consists of natural herbs that fasten the metabolism. The herbs work as follows:

1). Ashwagandha:- Ashwagandha is the main ingredient in this magical formula. It has mind blowing outcomes which bring down cortisol and adjusting thyroid hormones. Moreover, it improves the working of the immune system and also diminishes the need to intake alcohol, cigarette smoking, or injecting any kind of drug.

2) Tejpatta:- Tejpatta which is also known as Bay Leaves which helps the body to improve the working of hormones and also improves the functioning of kidneys that was affected by drug abuse.

3) Tulsi:- Tulsi is the oldest ingredient used in Ayurveda which protects the body from toxic elements that were produced by the intake of various drugs. It also helps the body to flush out the harmful elements present in the blood.

4) Amla:-Amla helps to eliminate the toxins and improves the mental strength which in return abolishes the craving for drugs.

Addiction Killer is widely used and effective Ayurvedic herbal product that helps people who are struggling with their bad drug addictionís habit. Our formula is 10 times better than any other western medicine prescribed by doctors. It is a natural product that helps the body to detoxify the harmful toxins present in the abuserís body.  Each one of knows that these drugs are injurious to health as they contain tobacco and nicotine that affect the respiratory system and also the nervous system. This powder helps to enhance the functioning of various systems that get affected by the prolonged use of drugs.


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