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Posted on: 03/17/18

There are various addictive substances (alcohol, cigarette smoking, marijuana, cocaine, etc) that are available and teens easily get addicted to these drugs. Addiction to any of these substances can be due to stress, disappointment, failure, etc. The number of women who smoke cigarettes has increased rapidly since the 1900s. To curb this increasing number, certain steps are being taken by the government like ever increasing rates but let’s face it, that doesn’t stop anyone from doing it.


A cigarette is made by using a component known as nicotine. It is one of the most addictive substances known to us. The use of this substance makes you dependent and you will continuously consume the substance even if it is harmful to your health. Cigarette dependence is also known as tobacco dependence which is injurious to health and it has different effects on the brain of men and women. Nicotine creates some temporary neurological changes in the brain that makes a person feels pleasing. On the other hand, if you try to quit this addiction, it will produce withdrawal symptoms.


Studies show that it depends on the body of an individual that how he/she react to any drug or how much the drug will harm the body. According to reports, there are more than 1 billion women that smoke cigarette. However, the cigarette smoking is increasing rapidly among women in several countries. In some countries, the ratio of men and women in terms of cigarette smoking is equal. More research is required to extracting the answer of cigarette smoking that is becoming a trend in the life of women.

Men and women start cigarette smoking due to more the less similar reasons. A recent survey has shown that some of the women have a misconception that smoking cigarette will help them to control their weight. Mostly, women start to smoke because of stress they have in high school/ they can’t fight the peer pressure and try a cigarette. This high school habit becomes addiction by the time and whenever there is a little difficulty in living life they believe smoking will help them to get relief from the stress.


Most of the tobacco companies these days are targeting more women than men. Moreover, the percentage of women that are getting involved in cigarette smoking is increasing a lot.

There are some facts that show women are more addicted to cigarette smoking than men.
1) More women smoke light cigarettes

Variety of cigarettes are available in the market such as “light” or “low tar”. Most of the women smoke light cigarette thinking that it means “safe” but it’s not true. Light smoking cause more harm because they smoke more frequently and the body absorbs the required amount of nicotine. According to reports, the percentage of women smoking “light” cigarette is 20% more than men.


2) Tobacco harms women differently

There are several things that are considered among women those who smoke a cigarette. First, the women who have an addiction to smoking experience infertility which creates problems in personal lives. Second, delays in conceiving, the first factor five rise to this problem. Third, if a woman continues her habit of smoking while she is pregnant, it will increase the risk of stillbirth, premature birth, premature delivery. Lastly, it may lead to problems that can occur after pregnancy i.e reduction of breast milk and may build a path for cervix cancer.


3) More percentage of female death

It has been observed that passive smoking causes 4,50,000 deaths each year and 64% of deaths occur in women. Passive smoking is also known as second-hand smoke which is a greater threat to women than there is less possibility that

women might start using tobacco. More than 90% of the countries are still not covered by comprehensive national smoke-free laws.


4) Young women drift towards cigarette

Various surveys have been conducted that showed the percentage of the young women smoke a cigarette is more than young men. There are 21% of women who aged 16 smoke more than men at a young age.


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