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Posted on: 02/24/18

In India, the majority of the illegal drugs like opium, heroin, cocaine, and other cheap synthetic drugs are consumed by the people of the age between 15 and 35 years old. But in Punjab, the children that use opium or the other cheap synthetic drugs fall under the age group of 13 years old. The reason behind the large number population dependent on drugs is that many people in India are unemployed, frustrated, in an abusive relationship, etc drugs help them to have an escape from reality.  

There are numerous medications that are restricted by the administrations and their utilization is illegal. From all, Alcohol is the legal drug that is crushing a huge number of families. They trust that liquor will take care of the considerable number of issues rather it increments numerous different issues more. Diverse kinds of arrangement are accessible in the market like different solutions and recovery focuses that assistance individual to leave their fixation. Since individuals endeavour to leave their addiction yet the enslavement pulls them over from the midway this know as relapse. Relapse is also known as a situation from the past is reoccurring.

Usually ‘relapse’ refers to returning to certain behaviour-such as alcohol relapse, or drug relapse. Some people try to leave their habit of drinking or quit the use of any addictive substance like a cigarette, marijuana, cocaine, etc. In this, they need to battle each day with a similar circumstance and need to do it until the point when they win. The reuse of those substances again after some time span is known as relapse.

Medications and liquor negatively affect individual’s life and furthermore the people around them. There are various adverse effects that can lead to different personal and social problems which will have a lifetime effect.

Home Life

People consuming Alcohol and Drug have been experiencing damage to their relationships and families. The saddest thing is that they believe that drugs will help them to solve every problem they have in their life. They stop realizing their responsibilities, they concern towards their loved ones that show the negative impact of their personality that spreads like a fire among all the family members. They focus their large amount of energy and time on how they’ll do drugs. Addicts usually harm their family member unknowingly as their brain is not in their control and they find an escape from reality by using drugs. The members of the family often feel ashamed, helpless, angry, embarrassed and they try to avoid them. Moreover, the family member starts excluding the addict from family occasions and social gatherings.


The neurotransmitters are used to perform everyday functioning like sleeping, eating and the overall mood. The brain then mistakes that substance as important chemical and then gets affected by the use of alcohol and drug which results in a change in the functionality of the brain. Then it modifies its functioning to depend on these substances which form certain functions that are the main causes of craving in humans. It highly dependents on the side effects of the substance they use and the number of time they have used the substance. This substance abuse also causes the person to be secretive, lack trust in others, and have low self-esteem. These effects become more worsen with the excess usage of the alcohol and drugs.

Financial Issues

Due to alcohol and drug addiction, many people face a financial crisis, as they need the addictive substance every time. Sometimes the addiction leads them to leave their jobs. They spend money on drugs even if they can’t afford it and if they don’t have money they’ll find an alternative to doing drugs. They become more desperate to have the next dose which results in indulging in criminal activities such as stealing, snatching, etc to support their addiction. Though addiction has many negative effects that don’t mean you have to suffer lifelong. To get rid of all these problems, use the Ayurvedic solution which consists of natural herbs that are clinically tested by the top specialist. Addiction Killer is the new hope for the people to leave their addiction.


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