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Posted on: 02/08/18

It is commonly accepted that use of marijuana is increasing at an alarming rate. There are several types of drugs that are consumed by different people but Cannabis is becoming the most consumable and easily available drug in India. They have been in trend since 2000 B.C, but today its usage has been doubled than any other form of a drug. People nowadays are drifting towards smoking marijuana rather than taking any other kind of drug because marijuana is cheaper than alcohol.  It is statistically proven that consumption of weed is increasing day by day though it is illegal in India somehow people manage to buy it.

Marijuana is also known as weed, cannabis, ganja, charas and by many other names. Marijuana is made by drying leaves of a plant known as Cannabis sativa. There are different ways to consume weed, some like to mix little proportion of marijuana in cigarette and roll it up to smoke which are simply known as joints, others like to inhale the vapors directly by using a pipe known as a bong. It is commonly used among youth these days and is easily available in many parts of the country. For example, Himachal, Uttrakhand, Nagpur, etc are growing weed and sell at a cheaper price, many want that weed should be legal in India as it is the only business in these states.

According to National Commission for Protection of Child Rights conducted in India has shown that the use of marijuana is increased by 25% in various states like Punjab, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, etc. Moreover, the studies have revealed that there are more than 70 million drug abusers in India.

People believe that marijuana helps them to be attentive and if they consume before their exams, it will speed up their learning process. But they arenít aware of the disadvantages that are caused by smoking marijuana. They lose the ability to think, they lose weight, canít eat properly, and they live in an imaginary world or in their hallucination. Moreover, marijuana affects every organ of the body which can result in mental disorder.

To overcome their addiction, many parents have given addiction killer to their children by mixing a spoon in their meal twice a day and have started experiencing the result in 2 weeks. They notice a tremendous change in their childís habits as they observed that there is zero craving for this drug.


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