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Posted on: 03/14/18

It should not shock anyone that by far most of the heroin users have smoked weed (and abused numerous different medications) long ago they used heroin. Like all individuals with substance abuse issues, most heroin users started their drug consumption from their adolescence, generally starting with the consumption of marijuana (weed). There is adequate proof that early start of drug consumption gives rise to more dependence on drugs that they are using.

A recreational user consumes cannabis for the effects: it makes them high or buzzes they need to get from it. Continuous use leads to the development of a  resistance and can lead the user to devour more grounded medications to accomplish a similar high. At the point when the impacts begin to wear off, the individual may swing to more strong medications to free himself from the undesirable conditions that made him take cannabis in any case. Cannabis itself does not lead the individual to alternative drugs.

Individuals take drugs to dispose of the undesirable situations or sentiments. Marijuana marks the issue for a time (while the addict is high). At the point when the “high” blurs, the issue, undesirable condition or circumstance returns more seriously than previously as the user has not done anything to overcome the situation, he or she has simply made a short escape. The user may then turn to more heavy drugs since marijuana never again “works”.


Marijuana can be a gateway drug. Individuals who have attempted cannabis may, in the long run, go ahead and become more curious to try new drugs. They crave for a high that exceeds the high of weed. These experiments lead them down a perilous way towards addiction. However, the science demonstrates that for some people it’s not a gateway drug. Gateway drugs basically mean a small step in the wrong way that can lead to a drastic end.

Most of the people believe that usage of marijuana gives rise to dependence and make a path for another drug usage. But simply blaming “smoking marijuana” gives rise to other dangerous drugs, the statement is not true in all and every case.  Various studies show that it’s more probable that grown-ups who did not smoke weed, build up a habit of alcohol use than the individuals who smoke cannabis. Marijuana consumption is likewise connected to leading to other substance usages. It is important to take note of the various different factors other than biological mechanism, for example, a man’s social condition, is likewise basic in a man’s hazard for substance abuse. A contrasting option to the passage of drug abuse is that individuals who are more vulnerable to take drugs are basically more inclined, to begin with promptly accessible substances, for example, marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol and their subsequent social connections with other people who take drugs and builds their odds of attempting different drugs and pills. Additional research is expected to investigate this.

There are some discoveries that are predictable with the possibility of cannabis as a gateway drug. However, the share of individuals who smoke marijuana doesn’t go ahead to use other harder substances. Alcohol and nicotine additionally take action for an increased reaction to other drugs and are similar to weed.


In conclusion, it can be said that in most circumstances marijuana or weed does act as a gateway drug to other more harmful drugs. Therefore, it is safe to say that marijuana, though not very harmful in itself can lead a person down a path that can destroy every happiness in their life and potentially dehumanize them to a level where they cannot come back.


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