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Posted on: 02/13/18

Drug abuse has always been in the limelight because every 2 in 3 people are addicted to one or the other type of drug. It is scientifically proven that if children consume alcohol at small age there mind gets affected because the brain grows till the age of 20. So, if they start drinking alcohol at the smaller age their brain get affected easily. The legal drinking age in India differs from state to state as every state has its own legal laws to consume alcohol.


The government has a Law that falls in the category of Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India in which the law governing alcohol varies from state to state. Thatís why each state has different laws in consuming or in prohibiting alcohol.

Generally, states like Gujarat, Bihar, Manipur, and Nagaland have already banned the consumption of alcohol and in states like Punjab, Delhi, etc. the minimum age to drink or buy alcohol are 25 years.

Alcohol is available in restaurants, liquor stores, grocery shops, bars, hotels and the minimum age to buy alcohol is 25 years and Delhi government is trying to pull down the minimum age to 21 years for consumption of Beer and Wine.

However, there are children that start drinking at the age of 13 despite paying attention to the studies they involve in such bad habits. They start involving themselves in clubbing, partying, etc were they get a chance to have a sip of alcohol but they donít realize that it will become a habit that canít be abolished easily. They consider drinking as a part of life and feel they will look cool with a glass of wine and a cigarette in hand.

Though alcohol is not good for health and the minimum legal age varies from 18-25 and children start taking alcohol under the influence of their friends. The age can be either 13 or more. Addiction Killer powder will help a person to get rid of all kind of addictions, whether it is for the children or for an adult.


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