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Posted on: 04/16/18


Smoking causes lung cancer, heart problems, and asthma. Still, millions of people are addicted to it. It has been the most common reason for an increased risk of blindness to a faster decline in mental function. No doubt, there are a number of ways to quit smoking, but all of them are equally effective and successful. Here, some of the most effective approaches have been mentioned to quit nicotine or smoking:

Replace Nicotine

It has been found that people, who quit smoking, need some sort of nicotine replacement rather than other therapy. It enabled them to apply nicotine patch, lozenges or other therapy.

These replacements are effective to reduce and stop the consumption of nicotine into the body. It works gradually but it takes time. But, still the person feels the effects of nicotine, but there would be no negative consequences. It is considered as the safest and the largest approach to leave smoking by people.

Trigger Craving Avoidance

Smokers have to suffer from cigarette craving most of the time. It causes stress among them. They just set the time and place to smoke either in a break from the office or while talking on the phone. When moving to quit smoking, one needs to become more powerful. He/she needs to ensure that the craving should not be activated. Try to occupy yourself with other things at the time of nicotine consumption, the person used to do.  

He/she can doodle and scribble while talking on the phone to engage himself/herself. Distract yourself from smoking during lunch break or other activities.

Cold Turkey

Did you know that a large number of smokers quit smoking by quitting cold turkey? According to a survey by American Cancer Society, more than 80% of people did it through cold turkey method. As well, it requires support from the family and friends.

Slowly but Surely

Another way to quit smoking is to cut back the cigarette usage until you are no longer need a cigarette anymore. It is also known as the best way to overcome smoking habit gradually. This gradual process depletes the dosage of nicotine in the body and reduces the cravings. But, keep in mind that it varies from a person to another.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurvedic or herbal remedies are used worldwide for various critical diseases. A research found that herbal supplements are safe and effective to use as well as provides guaranteed results to get rid of smoking. Addiction killer is one of these Ayurvedic remedies.  It is a mixture of 20 precious Ayurvedic Herbs and 14 Vitamins & Minerals. It has been established over time as a remedy to cure addiction to alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and other addictive substances with effective results and no side effects. It helps in curing addiction to any health conditions of the person.

Addiction killer powder is safe and effective for every person but prior to relying on this type of treatment alone, you can also consult your dietician whether to substitute discontinue or take parallel advantage of your regular medicine. This ‘Ayush’ certified supplement needs to be taken for at least a month to notice the result.

Yoga & Meditation

If looking for the permanent solution of smoking issue, then Yoga & meditation can help you. There are many wellness programs to keep out of the smoke that also aims to equip with the health enriching and de-stress tool.


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