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Posted on: 02/27/18

Being a legal drug, Alcohol has been treated differently from the illegal drug because it has become so normalized in our society. Free drinks are considered just about an essential for a wedding and approaching somebody out for a drink is a standout amongst the most widely recognized approaches to start a relationship.

Drinking and smoking have become a trend in parties. Alcohol is available at every party whether it is formal or it is informal. From women to men, old or young enjoy cocktails at every occasion whether it is a sporting event, dinners, marriages or at work parties. People believe drinking alcohol at parties or anywhere is a classic trend that everybody has to follow. But there are some people who donít enjoy drinking because of some religious beliefs or some people donít like the smell or taste and some are trying to get rid of it because a single sip is dangerous for their health This is why they remain sober and sometimes they donít agree with the statement that they donít drink. This fact makes them feel ashamed or embraced in parties and various occasions.

 This is the stigma experienced by non-drinkers, moreover, people donít easily believe that they donít take drinks. To be a part of the parties they take virgins drinks, drinks that look alike alcohol and so that they donít feel as they are not comfortable or arenít the suitable person.

Some people make a standard answer that why donít they drink? They just answer that this drink is destructive for their health. Every time this works as people donít ask questions further that what health problem they are facing.

So, sometimes it becomes really difficult for non-drinkers to say that yes they donít drink because the society doesnít accept the truth easily.


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