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Posted on: 02/28/18

Children always copy others, be it their age group children, be it elders or who so ever they see. They have a habit to follow their age sakes even towards the darkest corners. Maybe you have seen many youngsters on the streets using abusive substances. You must have often seen them inhaling the poison, consuming prescribed bottles, and stare each other to have their share. They inject the addictive substance in their arms and empty the syringe that is filled with the toxic substance. They look really anxious, head against the wall, breathing heavily, after the consumption.

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Danger Of Starting At Young Age

Many Studies demonstrate that at younger age you start using drugs or alcohol, the chances of being any addict is more. For instance, if a young boy of age 14 starts consuming alcohol regularly, he will for sure become an addict soon. And if a boy of similar age chooses to consume alcohol at the age of 21, chances of being an addict are dropped to 10%. Intake of drugs or drinking alcohol is same–the more you consume it, the more you get addicted to it and it becomes a part of you.

Science Behind Youth Drug Addiction

Studies show that young people are more likely to become addict than an elder one, therefore the chance of being an addict is four times more. A youngster gets dependent to an abusive substance like alcohol, cigarette smoking, marijuana smoking, opium and cocaine will develop so early as the physical development and maturing of mind occur during this age only.

When youngster consumes drugs they are introduced to the developing mind and the brain misunderstood that abusive substance as important neurotransmitters. Then the brain modifies the function and the individual craving for drugs.

Solution To Quit Addiction

Most of the problem will be solved when a person himself/herself shows the to desire to leave addiction. They should try to recite their problem to someone whom they think that will understand and will help them to take them out of this dark corner. They have to apply some restrictions on themselves to stop the consumption of drugs, try to help themselves, but without any type of support, they could not put it to an end. Support can be taken from:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Counselors
  • doctors

Their family member should support the person who is fighting to leave their addiction each day. They should try to understand their pain, motivate them, and most important help them to gain confidence that “Yes”, they can do it. Above all, they should understand that what exactly their child want in life. Each one of them is different and their expectations will also be different, so it’s not that every solution works the same for each child to help them quit the addiction.


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