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Posted on: 03/09/18

There are numerous ways to quit smoking, not every method available is effective. We will expose the various methods that can be used to quit smoking. These methods can give a successful result for the person and may not give the desired results. Itís truly dependent on the personís body and willpower that how their body reacts and adapt. The success rate may vary person to person. At last, quitting smoking also depends on personal choice, the amount of willpower you have and several other factors that affect your daily routine. If you want to leave your addiction to smoking, you can try new methods with help of which you can succeed.

While some heavy smokers make a plan to quit smoking. Most of the addicts leave smoking by going cold turkey or by following tailored plan to keep them away from smoking. A decent quit arrangement tends to both the short-term quitting of smoking and the long-term prevention of relapse. It also depends on your specific needs and smoking habits.Smoking can lead to more than 4 million deaths every year.

Plan your quit smoking with a START

S = Set a date to quit smoking

Pick a date from following two weeks, so you have enough time to get ready without losing your inspiration to stop. On the off chance that you smoke at work, quit at the end of the week, so you have a couple of days to adjust to the change. Reduce your cigarette smoking slowly until you quit date and then stop smoking.

T = Tell your family members, friends that you are planning to leave this habit.

Let your loved ones help you in stopping the habit of smoking and reveal them that you require their help and consolation to stop. Search for a quit mate who needs to quit smoking too. You can enable each other to get past the harsh circumstances. Ask your family and friends that not to smoke near you.

A = Anticipate and plan the difficulties you can face while quitting smoking70% people began to smoke within the first 3 months, this is known as relapse. Only you can help yourself by thinking the problems that you can face while quitting the habit. You have to find an alternative for cigarette cravings so that you can easily quit smoking. Also, if you have tried to leave this habit earlier re-check the difficulties you have faced before and try not to repeat them.
R = Remove cigarettes from everywhere

Discard your cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and matches. Wash your garments and spruce up anything that scents like smoke. Clean your car, clean your window hangings and curtains and steam your furniture.

T = Tell your doctor that you want to quit smoking

Your specialist can recommend the drug that can help you with withdrawal side effects. In the event that you canít see a specialist, you can get numerous items over the counter at your neighborhood drug store, including nicotine patches, capsules, and gum. Ask your doctor about a stop-smoking group and join one of them where you feel motivated.

Several points kept in mind while going through the detox process:-

  •         On your quit day, you have to keep several points in your mind
  •         Keep yourself a bit busy than before.
  •         Make a self-help plan so that you can use as a backup.
  •         Ask your co-workers to stop smoking around you or request them not to offer a puff anymore.
  •         Consume more water and juice if you can.
  •         The craving for cigarette smoking lasts for 2-3 minutes.
  •         Try to avoid the craving for intaking sip-sip water.
  •         There are many support centres that help an individual to quit their bad habit of smoking.
  •         Join Yoga or Meditation groups.
  •         Use herbs and supplements that abolish the craving


It might be difficult to accept, yet the larger part of individuals who have effectively stopped smoking have done as such by stopping immediately. They concluded that they could never take another cigarette and they completed on that guarantee to themselves.

Surround yourself with the people who care about your health and success, give you constant reminders that you have to leave this addiction and always remind you that we are available for you in every thick and thin situation. Theyíll stand by you to take you out of the trap formed by this addiction.


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