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Posted on: 03/31/18

I was born in a Punjabi family so drinking was a very normal thing. I’m being completely honest when I say that the first time I ever took a drink was in the seventh grade because my parents and even my grandparents were very “chill” about it, I never even thought a second time about my decision. It was with a friend who had a similar background and had no objections about the same. When and how that one trial of a drink in the seventh grade turned into a very serious addiction to alcohol I do not know. But yes, it did happen and I regret ALL OF IT.


I was 25 when I got married and my wife was really under stress because of the way I used to behave after having a few drinks. I wouldn’t lie but at times I used to beat her up. At the age of 32, I had two kids and that was when I realized I was a bad father, a bad husband and in the end, a very bad person for prioritizing alcohol over my family and my health. I was not giving time to my children, my wife was living in hell with me and was the only one taking care of our children. I knew something had to change. That day, I made myself a promise that will do whatever it takes to find a suitable solution for my problem that brings back my lost family and life to me. I called a few friends and they told me to try Addiction Killer. I logged in to their website and it claimed that it had made 2,00,000 families happy. I was doubtful about it but they had provided a 24×7 number on their website, I called them and their representative explained to me how it works. I was desperate, I had to try and so I did. I ordered the trial pack on which I got a good discount, the representative was very helpful and proved to be very informative.


I can now say that I am very happy that I tried addiction killer, I got my family back, I promised my wife that I will never drink again and with God’s grace she accepted me. I can only thank addiction killer for this. I am glad I am now out of my alcohol addiction.


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